How To Own Your Own
Online Dispensary Franchise

Overview video (8 minutes)

You Can Capitalize
On The Wealth Being Created By The
Legalization of Cannabis?

Are you 420 friendly? Are you ready to get 420 paid?

Getting started today is simple, easy and FREE.

STEP 1. Affiliate Dispensary Owner

A. Scan the QR Code to take a tour of dispensary products

B. Order some products that will be mailed to you.

C. Select your Online Dispensary Affiliate USER NAME. - When you complete your product purchase the online cannabis dispensary business is yours. - Every sale on your Affiliate site is coded to you and earns income that is paid to you weekly. Get this - there's no out of pocket for you!

STEP 2. Virtual Dispensary Owner "VDO" (Minimal Investment required)

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